4195 54th Ave N. St.Petersburg


05 20th, 2009

The convenience of a convenience store.
Lower prices than a grocery store!

Welcome to Usave Groceries! Your neighborhood grocery store!

Usave Groceries in Saint Petersburg. You save up to 60% on stuff you need! Usave sells name brand groceries for way less than retail.

Business is booming at Usave Groceries

Usave Groceries, located on 54th Ave. North in St. Petersburg Florida has been in business since 2008 and business is booming. “We started Usave because this area really did not have a discount grocery store.” says co-founder xxxx xxxxxx. He adds “We have a large neighborhood here and the local grocery stores are at least 2 miles away. We wanted to give our neighbors the option of picking up some necessities locally without the drive or paying elevated convenience store prices. The kids can quickly walk right over to Usave to pick up the items Mom or Dad may run out of while cooking up a meal. Our prices are hugely discounted to boot! ”

Our store IS a walk in coupon.

Usave continually features buy-one-get-one-free specials as well! We carry gourmet, organics, spices, oils, vinegars, coffee, detergent, paper products, frozen meats, sodas, cereals, milk, sugar, canned goods and much more. Usave is like a mini grocery store that carries the essentials of every day living. Similar to a convenience store, but at half price!

Even if you are not right in the immediate Lealman area, you will save at Usave! We get many customers from Pinellas Park, Kenneth City and the Northeast areas too. This just goes to show, in todays economy, folks need a place like Usave.




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